Training Center

In 2011 Ostafyevo (UUMO) hosted the newly created Aviation Training Center (TC) of Gazpromavia designed for the training of pilots and equipped with modern automatic training systems (ATS) which make it possible for crews to conduct continuous self-training with the use of Internet resources. The TC comprises a new simulator complex for training crews of Gazpromavia and other companies.

The international experience in the training of aviation personnel confirms high importance of using aviation training centers equipped with modern simulators for training and maintaining the airworthiness of crews, and for securing safe and accident-free flights. Besides, one of the top priority issues on the current agenda of Gazpromavia is the insuring of both maximum economic efficiency of air transport and high level of flight safety, and the improvement of the crews training system is a way to resolve the issue.

The introduction of the new simulator complex is also a part of Gazpromavia’s preparation for aviation support of JSC GAZPROM large scale programs ever growing more and more complicated and related to the development of fields at the Yamal peninsula, the Arctic Seas shelf and the Eastern Siberia, with their specific geoclimatic zones.

The TC setup includes the installation of Mi-8 MTV, Mi-8 T, Mi-171 D-level complex simulators and FNPT class cockpit procedure trainers. Gazpromavia has obtained, from the Federal Air Transport Agency, authorizations No. 01.01–1391 dated November 17, 2011 to operate pilot training simulators of Mi-8 T, Mi-8 MTV, Mi-8 AMT developed by specialists from St. Petersburg. The simulators are equipped with acceleration effects imitators and comply with the D-category under the international classification. Some characteristics of the simulators, unrivaled in Russia, exceed those of their analogs at the European aviation centers.

The simulators will provide for the following training programs:

— all levels of crews training, including: initial piloting training; practice and maintenance of piloting skills under the standard equipment functioning mode during flights in normal and adverse weather; practice of aircraft systems operating skills; crew resource management; navigation tasks engagement; practice of actions in cases of equipment failures, irregular or emergency situations; visual reference; examination of ergonomics of the systems installed, i. a. during reconfiguration; analysis of human factor impact on the accurateness and the efficiency of procedures performed;

  • conversion training from another type of aircraft;
  • recurrent quarterly training;
  • seasonal training;
  • qualification renewal after a pause in flight work;
  • prolongation of flight certificate.
Today there are no other training centers of such level in Russia.

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