Aircraft Fleet

Every year Gazpromavia's aircraft fleet gets wider.

The Company operates more than 30 fixwinged of the following types: Boeing 737–700, Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy, Dassault Falcon 900B, Yakovlev-42D, Yakovlev-40, Tupolev-154M, Antonov-74, Ilyushin-76TD and more than 100 helicopters: Mi-2, Mi-171A, Mi-8 and Kamov-26.

This range of aircraft types and modifications enables our Company to supply a product that is capable of being used for a diverse range of purposes in the aviation field: from the aviation activity of OAO GAZPROM, to charter programs, regular flights and other complex tasks. The helicopters are able to land on to the helidecks of ships and offshore drilling units as well as flying to Antarctica.

All the Company’s aircraft have a long life expectancy making them a good economic choice and are designed to provide a high level of flight safety. Aircraft lairworthiness is maintained because of qualitative repair and maintenance in certified centers.

The Company’s aircrafts are equipped with the most modern equipment for international flights: КLN-90В satellite navigation systems (Tupolev-154M, Yakovlev-42D, Antonov-74), GPS155Т8SO (Ilyushin-76D), ТСАS-2000 air collision warning systems (Tupolev-154M, Antonov-74) and АСА8–67А (Ilyushin-76D).