About Gazpromavia

The Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd. was established as wholly —owned subsidiary by PJSC Gazprom in 1995.

The Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd. as the general supplier provides aviation services to PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries and organizations.

Currently, the Gazpromavia has the regional structure comprising the “Airports” branch, which includes Bovanenkovo, Ostafyevo, Yamburg and Levashovo airports, as well as Samara, Tomsk, Ukhta and Yugorsk branches. The Aviation Company also manages the Aviation Training Center, aviation complex “Nogliki” and the Representative Office in Sochi.

The Gazpromavia Aviation fleet includes more than 30 airplanes and more than 100 helicopters of various types and modifications of domestic and foreign manufactures (Falcon modifications 900B, 900EX, EASy, 900LX, 7X; 8Х; Boeing modifications 737–7HD, 737–700; RRJ-95LR-100; L 410 UVP-E20; EC-155 B1; EC-135T2+; Mil Mi-8Т; Mil Mi-8P; Mil Mi 8PS; Mil Mi-8MTV-1; Ми-8AMT; AW189).

All aircrafts of the Gazpromavia equipped with the modern equipment and devices: satellite navigation systems, as well as TCAS and GPWS systems, what guarantees the highest level of flight safety.

Flight safety and aeronautical equipment reliability criteria have values above than average in civil aviation, due to the marine units control established by the Gazpromavia in addition to the existing regulations and requirements.

The Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd., one of the leaders in Russian business aviation, has the largest aviation fleet of business class aircraft in Russia and provides world-class onboard service.

Range of services, provided by Gazpromavia, includes:

  • International and domestic air transportation of passengers, luggage, cargo and mail, including transportation of rotational personnel to places of production, processing, transportation and storage of hydrocarbons and provision of social programs of PJSC Gazprom, its subsidiaries and organizations to support PJSC Gazprom's projects for the development of gas condensate fields;
  • business-class air transportation
  • aerial work (aerial surveys, construction and installation works, handling operations, work to provide medical care) for the purposes of exploration and monitoring of main gas pipeline, material and technical support of gas routes and construction facilities, air ambulance tasks for emergency rescue operations;
  • aircraft ground handling, passenger handling, baggage, cargo and mail carrying for international and domestic air transportation at the Airports of the Gazpromavia;
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • provision of educational services for training of aviation personnel at the Aviation Training Center of the Gazpromavia;
  • sales of air transportation through its own airline agency;
  • provision of construction control services at the stages of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of aviation infrastructure facilities.

The Gazpromavia always provides the necessary competence of its personnel on a continuous basis and carries out advanced training and specialized training, promoting professional development, including at the Airline's Aviation Training Center.

The Gazpromavia staff consists of more than 3,800 highly qualified specialists.

Over the period of the Company’s work in the aviation market, the Gazpromavia has acquired unique experience in organizing and performing air transportation and aviation operations in extreme weather conditions and in hard-to-reach areas: from the North Pole and the shelf of the Arctic seas to the South Pole, including the Yamal Peninsula, Eastern Siberia and the Far East, as well as high-latitude expeditions and drifting stations.

In order to provide the Gazpromavia's Customers with safe and quality services that meet legal and regulatory requirements, including the requirements and expectations of Consumers, the Gazpromavia has implemented, maintains and continuously improves the Integrated Management System.

The Gazpromavia's management system includes an Integrated Management System to implement approaches and principles in the field of quality, industrial safety, road safety, energy saving and energy efficiency improvement, environmental protection to guarantee maintenance of quality and safety of services provided to the Gazpromavia's Customers.