Gazpromavia today

Today Gazpromavia is one of the ten biggest airlines in Russia and offers a comprehensive package of aviation services. Our flight programs combine high security level and service quality.

Air fleet and infrastructure

There are 32 aircraft, of the type of Boeing 737–700, Dassault Falcon 900В, Dassault Falcon 900EX Easy, YAK-42D, YAK-40, TU-154M, AN-74 of various modifications, 101 EC120B, МiI-2, MiI-8, МП-8АМТ/МН-171, Mil-8MTV and KA-26 helicopters now in the company. All planes are made after 1990 and are equipped with modern avionics: satellite navigation systems, mid-air collision and ground proximity warning systems.

The Company has three own airports: Ostafyevo, Bovanenkovo and Yamburg airport. Its infrastructure with branches in Kaluga, Perm’, Samara, Sochi, Ukhta, Yugorsk, Yamburg settlement, is the biggest infrastructure on the market of Russian corporate airlines.

Activities and services

The Gazpromavia Aviation Company Ltd. — subsidiary of Gazprom of Russia and its subsidiaries’ general air carrier. Moreover, our company has been actively increasing the volume of business transportation lately and is one of the leaders of the Russian business aviation, possessing the biggest business-class air fleet in Russia and offering the in-flight service up to the world standards.

The services offered by Gazpromavia in the domain of air transportation include:

  • regular passenger and cargo traffic on the domestic lines;
  • charter passenger and cargo domestic and international operations;
  • VIP operation;
  • aerial work: survey, monitoring, patrolling, material support of construction sites, gas lines and field development, search & rescue, medical operations etc.;
  • the whole range of services at the airport;
  • flight sales by own air travel agency.

In the near future an International Center of business aviation and minor cargo transportation in the Ostafyevo airport will be built-up. This center is supposed to become the leading enterprise in the field of VIP service and business aviation.

Flight security

The reliability index of Gazpromavia equipment and flights is 2,5 times higher than the industry average one. We work constantly to provide the highest level of flight safety. Alongside with adopted aviation standards, we have introduced additional control measures in order to increase the security level. The Gazpromavia staff inspects the equipment and the aircraft before the flight more often than it’s prescribed to. We buy the newest hardware for better control of the quality of our aircraft equipment.

Flight geography

Gazpromavia is Russia’s only corporate airline with regular scheduled operation. We operate flights to Belgorod, Nadym, Novy Urengoj, Samara, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Tyumen’, Yugorsk (Sovetsky) and other destination. The tickets are sold through our own Air Travel Agency and the net of agencies allover Russia and CIS countries.

The Company’s aircraft also perform charter cargo and passenger flights allover Russia, as well as to Europe, Australia, Asia, America and Africa.

We have a unique experience of working in extreme conditions, regions difficult of access and polar regions. The Gazpromavia squadron flies to the North and South Poles, supporting high-latitude expeditions and floating stations.

Social responsibility

When Russia was celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russian veterans of the War, people who lived in Leningrad during the blockade and the underaged prisoners of fascist concentration camps have been offered by Gazpromavia free of charge tickets to any domestic destination, this being a joint decision of Gazpromavia personnel.

Protecting the environment is also very important for us; we do many things in resource conservation constantly. Our experts have developed technical reports about production and consumption waste circulation, as well as control of maximum permissible emission in the atmosphere.


The main objective of Gazpromavia is dynamic development based on the best traditions of Russian civil aviation. Our main priority is increasing our competitiveness through development of our route system, commercial passenger and cargo program, partner relations with other air companies.